Things to Know About Cargo Shipping to the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands? Important Information You Should Know Before Cargo Shipping to the Netherlands

If you are planning a move to the Netherlands, you are not alone; thousands of people immigrate to the Netherlands each year. The country is famous for its many wonderful museums featuring Dutch painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, and van Gogh. The Netherlands is also celebrated for its beautiful national parks and nature reserves which promote a lot 寵物入口中國 of outdoor activity including bicycling and swimming.

The Netherlands has been especially inviting to highly skilled immigrants. Unemployment is relatively low and there is a special program for highly skilled immigrants that enables bypass of the work permit application. Some of the fields with good job prospects in the Netherlands include high tech and engineering positions, and healthcare.

It is also helpful if you are multilingual if you are seeking work in the Netherlands.With a population of over 16 million, the country’s official languages are Dutch and Frisian. English and German, followed by French, are also widely spoken throughout the Netherlands.

If you plan on moving to the Netherlands for at least one year, you might consider shipping your belongings to the Netherlands instead of buying everything new once you arrive. Compared to many countries with much stricter rules, the Netherlands has very reasonable cargo shipping regulations and therefore it may even be cheaper to ship your personal items than to buy everything new.

In order for you to ship personal items to the Netherlands duty-free, your household goods need to be in use by you for at least 12 months before your shipment. Also, it is important to note that you cannot sell any of the household goods and personal items that you ship to the Netherlands for at least 12 months after you arrive. Dutch government officials want to ensure that the belongings you are importing duty-free are really for your own use and you do not intend on selling your things to make a profit. If you do sell items earlier than one year from when you arrived in the Netherlands, you may have to pay import duties or taxes.

Cargo Shipping Regulations in the Netherlands

The Netherlands does have a few cargo shipping regulations to consider before you plan your overseas move. Although you can ship household goods duty-free to the Netherlands, there are some items that are not duty-free, have restrictions, or require a special import license or permit. These items include:


  • New items
  • Electrical appliances
  • Food
  • Art work
  • Medication
  • Certain plants
  • Weapons


If you are bringing medication into the Netherlands, you must have a prescription. You can bring works of art into the Netherlands if you have the proper license, usually obtained from the art seller; this is to restrict the import of stolen artifacts. Like most country’s import regulations, all weapons are restricted. You can import weapons to the Netherlands, but you need to bring the proper documentation and register the weapon with the police in the Netherlands.

If you are moving to the Netherlands for employment, work with your employer to see if you are eligible for the 30% ruling. The 30% ruling applies to foreign workers and allows employees to earn up to 30% of their salary tax free. Those eligible for the 30% ruling are also exempt from taxation on investments.

Ship a Car to the Netherlands

Looking to ship a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle to the Netherlands? You can ship a vehicle to the Netherlands as well. If you have owned the vehicle for more than six months, and lived out of the country for at least a year, you can ship a vehicle duty free to the Netherlands. It is important to note, however, that you cannot sell the vehicle for at least a year once it is imported to the Netherlands or you will have to pay taxes.

Once the vehicle arrives in the Netherlands, it will have to undergo a technical inspection and you will need to get Dutch license plates for your car. Keep in mind that the driving age in the Netherlands is 18, and even if someone has a driver’s license from another country who is under 18, he or she is not allowed to drive in the Netherlands.

International driver’s licenses are only valid for 6 months after immigration. People eligible for the 30% ruling can simply exchange licenses for a Dutch license, others will need to retake the driver’s test.

Want to Bring a Pet to the Netherlands?

You can bring your pets when you are moving to the Netherlands. Cats and dogs need a pet passport before they can be imported to the Netherlands. You can get a pet passport from your vet; make sure that it includes the last rabies vaccination date. Your cat or dog has to be vaccinated within the last year before you plan on moving to the Netherlands. If you do not get the pet passport before you move, your pet will be vaccinated once it enters the Netherlands and it will have to stay in quarantine for 30 days. You can bring a rabbit or a fish into the Netherlands without any certificates.

Moving overseas takes a lot of planning. Before your international move to the Netherlands, you’ll need to get certain important documents in order. For example, you’ll need a:


  • Certificate of Residence
  • An inventory of all the items you are shipping
  • A Request for Import permit.


A good international cargo shipping company can provide you with all of the details regarding the paperwork and permits you’ll need to ship overseas to the Netherlands. While shipping to the Netherlands is relatively straightforward, there are still some important steps to follow to make your experience as simple as possible.



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