The graven picture prohibition as told in the Bible unquestionably wasn’t trailed by the Popery public. Never has there been a framework with such countless symbols and such a large number of a Heavenly Host. However they call it monotheism. There are above and beyond 1500 holy people, lead celestial hosts, and the other faithful morons including Laddio, Daddio and Spook. Before long there will be a lot more as the ongoing system of Luciferians is having a lot more sanctified, including the Pope who didn’t ex-impart Hitler (even as they presently did as such to Ivan Illich). There is just a single God assuming that there is any whatsoever.


I see the boundaries and Manifest Destiny conventions were helpful to these Divine Kings, however those lines are not just physical or drawn on maps. The lines that different man and lady, or made races and ‘anointed ones’ are the boundaries that advance conflict and destructive furies, everything being equal. The Scale of Nature or Chain of Ascended Beings which saw the European at the highest point of the outline and advanced thoughts like the North American Indian being only up from the orangutan actually reverberation in the lobbies of equity. The regulations we observe are regulations and morays laid out with foul aim to decrease our spirits.


The Mormon Melchizedek Society of Salt Lake City is arranged where Frater Albertus Magnus and the International Society of Alchemists is found. Melchizedek is the counselor to Abraham in the religions of these people groups who formulated an extremely obtrusive control that set man against man and made ladies property. He is a dad of the House of Judah/David and Jesus. A long time back another Frater Albertus Magnus guided Aquinas (The Dumb Ox) and accordingly a later Alumbrados bunch or Illuminati made the Jesuits in another absolutely Luciferian interest.


Marriage used to be adaptable and safeguarded the freedoms of kids above all else, as esteemed resources or individuals from the clan and tribes: and ladies – it has been a virtual War on our double energy or psycho-profound cosmetics! Organized relationships as financial or political interest are not more than prostitution and subjection. Who benefits from the polygamy that saw Abraham and his child industrial facilities recharged under the 33rd degree Masons like Smith and Young? The Ur-stories or Judaeo/Christian/Islamic religion complex has created more agony and early termination of soul than some other construction contrived by man. Individuals behind religion are individuals who might have attempted to further develop humankind and deal with the future in some fair manner at one mark of another. Sure there are some today that you could say are adequately innocent to put forth a decent defense for them being perfect and cherishing Benefits are given  individuals. It isn’t simply entertaining to see the unremitting bitch-slapping of interdenominational battling about the spirits of non-thinking people. It nauseates me somewhere down in my spirit.


It deteriorates as you research all the more profoundly into the formation of these builds that different us from one another and the aggregate or oversoul that may be what we call God. Scientology or the Mormons, clearly have individuals who act without the standard bad faith; and you can say they have become absolutely under a close to mesmerizing control. The Scientologists have made a slave robot culture, as a matter of fact. Yet, when contrasted with such countless different societies that have battle at the highest point of the genuine plan – who knows – perhaps we ought to all join these new religions which were begun by the Masonic ‘Octopussy’.

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