Retro Gaming Discussion – Desert Strike

 Retro Gaming Discussion – Desert Strike


Military style games didn’t too much interest me in the past. The monotony of the uniforms and the whole “tenhut” thing just didn’t really fit my style. But upon browsing through 38 super ammo for sale   some games one day, I saw a game called Desert Strike, and we were impressed with what we saw. Turned out to be very fun.

The story of Desert Strike is that there is a madman out there named Kilbaba who is plotting to start World War III. You’re a lone military guy in a chopper that has to take him down, along with his army of terrorists. There are four different stages in the game, each with several different missions you have to complete. The missions range from rescuing hostages and POWs, to capturing terrorists and interrogating them, to plain blowing stuff up. You can complete the missions in any order, but going in the order the game gives you just makes it a whole lot easier.

You have three lives in the game, and your chopper is armed with three different weapons: eight missiles, thirty eight hydras, and over eleven hundred rounds of bullets. You have to use these weapons very wisely, as you would like your more powerful weapons (missiles) against the tougher enemies. You have spots where you can pick up more ammo. You start with 600 armor, and you lose a life if this is depleted. Again, there are spots where you can pick up more armor. You also have to watch out for your fuel, as if this is gone you’re gone. You can also pick up more fuel in spots as well.

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