Google Like


Long ago, Google was introduced as an online search engine equipped to supply different information concerning many entities from personal issues to public sentiments. Today, Google has flourished into one of the most successful websites that has been thoroughly utilized by people.

To further serve all Google users Buy Google Reviews, developers have established and integrated a lot of applications just to improve the features that have made Google, up to this date, a leading online site. Part of the numerous applications includes the Google Like.

What is Google Like?

Just like the Facebook Like button, Google Like icon functions by showing the person’s preference to the signed up social network; hence, informing and advertising products, items, pictures, and notes. Specifically, it is a form of promotional information linking a certain advertisement from the third person to the direct consumer.

For example, a person is visiting an online store selling bags. After surfing its page, the same person finds a traveling bag enticing. Without hesitation, the share button is clicked and it is immediately presented on the person’s social media ready to be viewed by others. Written in the page are the traveling bag’s detailed description, price, size, quality, web address, and brand. Since it is being promoted on the person’s wall, others will check the item linking them back to the website of the bag; therefore, enhancing traffic to site, popularity, and even improvement of online purchase.

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