Free Online Poker Strategy to Aggressive Hugger Play

I have a lot of experience playing no limit holdem over the past 6 years. I have managed to win quite a lot of money from playing both free online poker and also pay poker games. And, I have lost it all plenty of times by playing very aggressive poker. I am a pretty aggressive player most of the time so I have had some major upswings and some major downswings over the years.

I believe that the key to winning majority of the time is to play conservative, also known as a tight player Poker88. There are loads of poker players who do not understand the game all that well and by playing conservatively (being a tight player) should enable you to win more money from those players.

Winning consistently you shouldn’t really chase straight draws very often especially for medium to large bets. When you are playing low stakes or free online poker tournament games you shouldn’t be trying to steal the blinds even if you are the button, also known as the dealer position.

The reasoning for this is when you are playing a low stakes or play money game most of the time the players just call with anything decent or even very bad hands a lot of times. When you are playing for lows stakes or on free poker sites then winning a lot of times isn’t as important to the players as if they were playing for high stakes.

Poker is all about position. The position in poker is the place you are playing from. So, there is the dealer position, the big blind position and the first position after dealt cards. What position your in will tell u how you should play the hands your dealt sometimes and who will be first to act pre-flop and after the flop, position is when it will be your turn. Conservative players pay careful attention to position when playing poker. It is a critical element in their style of play.

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